What to do if your data speed has been reduced:

  • You may not have used your high speed data allotment. Data speeds are sometimes reduced if you’re in an area that isn’t serviced by 4GLTE.
  • You can connect to Wi-Fi to use the Internet. By doing this your data will work at the speed of the Wi-Fi signal.
  • With reduced data speeds, your phone still works the same. You can do everything you normally would do — just not as quickly. Here are a few of the everyday things you can still do:

    • Surf the web
    • Send and receive emails
    • Stream music and video
    • Upload images
    • Play games
    • Use GPS
  • To get your high speed data restored, you will need to add another service plan to your service.
  • Adding a Service New Plan to your Service:

    Important Information about selecting Add Now or adding a plan from your Straight Talk Reserve™:

    Please be aware that by selecting Add Now or by adding a plan from your Reserve, your new plan will begin immediately and you will lose any remaining service from your current service plan.

How to prevent yourself from using your data allotment too quickly:

  • Keep your Wi-Fi settings on so you can connect to Wi-Fi when it is available. But always make sure you’re aware of the risks of public Wi-Fi.
  • Text usage to 611-611 and receive your estimated data usage
  • Use applications to monitor how much of your data allotment you’ve used.
  • Android phones: Download the Straight Talk My Account app to check your data balance.