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Amount of High-Speed Data

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With 2GB of high-speed data, you can:

  • Send/receive 200 emails with attachments
  • Surf the web for 13 hours
  • Stream music for 9 hours
  • Stream standard videos for 1.5 hours
  • Post 21 photos to social media
  • Download 16 apps and games

With 10GB of high-speed data, you can:

  • Send/receive 1400 emails with attachments
  • Surf the web for 96 hours
  • Stream music for 67 hours
  • Stream standard videos for 11 hours
  • Post 154 photos to social media
  • Download 120 apps and games

With unlimited high-speed data, you can:

  • Send/receive all the emails you want
  • Surf the web until your fingers hurt
  • Stream music until you know every word
  • Stream standard videos 24/7
  • Post more photos to social media than all your friends
  • Download as many apps & games as can handle

Get the Auto-Refill Discount

Get the Auto-Refill∞ Discount

With auto-refill, not only will your plan stay in service, you’ll also save a few bucks each month.

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Save with Extended Plans

Save with Extended Plans

With our extended plans, you can get 25GB of high-speed data then 2G* for 3, 6, or 12 months.

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Earn Rewards As You Go

earn rewards as you go

Get retail, dining, and entertainment discounts of up to $100 a month with Straight Talk Rewards.

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Why Switching Feels So, So Right

Largest, most dependable 4G LTE networks.

The Networks You Know

We use the same networks as the big carriers. So if you like their service, you’ll like ours.

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Bye Bye Contracts

Hate contracts? We get it. That’s why all our plans are 100% contract free.

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Straightforward Pricing

No one likes mystery fees.


No Credit Checks

With our prepaid plans, you never have to go through a credit check.

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